Why Twitter is Better than Facebook

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Today, everyone’s life is revolving around social media. Every morning there is a tug of war with the snooze button on your phone, which is followed by checking your phone for notifications that are patiently waiting for us on the notification bar. Social Media is the new form of addiction, at least for the younger generation. People have become accustomed to frequently checking their phones for social media updates and notifications. Everyone wants every moment to be shared on the social media. Even when going to a café or a restaurant, we still check our Facebook account and diligently upload a picture of the food before eating it: for others to like and, hopefully, share. We feel almost obliged to make our social media profiles as perfect as possible because we believe that it is the display of our life and the persona; the better parts anyways.

The two giants that facilitate the process for us are Twitter and Facebook, the latter perhaps being a more trendy beast. Founded more than a decade ago, Facebook is a free social networking website that allows everyone to create an account and upload images, videos, send messages and stay connected with other members. The purpose of Facebook can be seen as keeping people in touch with their friends and family. The service helps you share and express what matters to you most. Also Facebook is a platform for marketing your business through Facebook pages and Facebook ads.

Twitter is a social networking service that allows users to interact and communicate through messages or posts called “tweets”. These tweets are restricted to 140 characters only, which make them precise and to the point. Only users who have signed up for a Twitter account can post tweets while others can just read them. Twitter is also an online news service as it has all the breaking news and sports updates ready for users, making the service more famous among many demographics of people. Twitter’s value proposition is appealing on both the emotional and the intellectual levels. Its mission statement reads: “To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly without any barriers”.

Nine Reasons Why Twitter is Better than Facebook

Soon after its inception in 2006, Twitter became a serious challenge to Facebook, becoming one of the top-ten most visited websites in the world in 2013. Since then, the company struggled to maintain its breathtaking growth rate, with a lot of investors cashing out of its stock soon after the IPO (also in 2013). Yet amid simmering cynicism about the company’s future prospects, there are at least 9 reasons why the average user could benefit from Twitter in ways no other social network (including Facebook) can offer.

Celebrities Within Reach

One of the most interesting reasons is that on Twitter you can reach your favorite celebrities easily. Celebrities use Twitter more than they use Facebook. Facebook does have official Facebook pages for celebrities but original content on posts is always seen on Twitter. Twitter is more open and you can share your ideas there and have access to more viewers. Celebrities let their social media managers do the Facebook posting while they do the tweeting themselves.

Online News Updates

Twitter is also an online news website. Twitter focuses on breaking news and this is the reason why many journalists like Twittering more as compared to Facebook. Whether is a celebrity gossip or a new iPhone launch, Twitter will have it first for their users.

Account flexibility

Another point goes to Twitter because of its flexibility. Users can set up accounts for football clubs, artwork, literature, news or pretty much anything they can think of, from cafés to countries. Twitter is less structured than Facebook, which gives more flexibility. One can use Twitter for jobs search, browsing news, control apps, find answers to questions and post a question for a wide audience, bookmark links and more.

The Hashtag Kingdom

Twitter is the origin of hashtag, and even though Facebook also uses the hashtag its power on Twitter is more dominant. Hashtags are used to find information on a certain topic or even join a local real time conversation or debate. Hashtags are just like your friends; they are there for you both when you need them and when you completely forget about them.

Hashtag-News blend

As mentioned before, Twitter is famous for news as well as sports updates. Put the news and hashtag together and it becomes an amazing tool for watching your favorite sports and reviews. From football world cup to the Olympics, from BBC to Guardian, Twitter is always busy with action, which is something Facebook lacks in.

Twitter is Quicker

Twitter is simple, intuitive and fast, and the character limitation has made it more to the point. Instead of posting irrelevant, long posts you can simple tweet the main point to start a conversation. Twitter gets stuff done faster. And people love more mobility: especially in good thought.

No Boundaries for the Unknown

Facebook is limited to friends only. If you have 100 friends on your Facebook account, you will only be viewing posts from them while Twitter will show you tweets according to your interests along with the links you follow. So more newsfeed means much more information and entertainment.

To the Point

The one reason people hated Twitter for before has become an important reason why people love it now: the tweets are restricted to only 140 characters. That is so to the point. This allows you to read fast and make up your mind even faster. Do I like this? One line is usually enough to tell: the second one may not even be there. And how about those nuggets of brilliancy, the aphorisms of modern era? A lot of good tweets could make it to song lyrics, and a lot of good song lyrics can be quoted as superb tweets.

Forget About Your Game Score

Unlike Facebook, Twitter does not have communities or groups and no games either. Facebook newsfeed is always filled up with group gossips and your friend’s game score. Honestly, no one is bothered about your game score. Such posts fill up the newsfeed and make it less interesting.

Summing it up

The main idea of the article was to identify the reasons why Twitter is better than Facebook. Obviously, neither is better than the other: both are social media leviathans offering awesome features that appeal to most people on many different levels, so at the end of the day your preference becomes a matter of taste. But recently Twitter was getting a lot of negative publicity (which some people trace to the weak performance of its stock which has lost a lot of its value since the IPO), so it is important to remind about Twitter’s advantages to the world that’s growing Facebook-skewed. After all, you could be missing on so many awesome things if the only social media profile you have is that on Facebook. Seriously: give Twitter a try, if you haven’t yet.

You could be pleasantly surprised.